How can a Life Coach help me?

Our sessions together are YOUR time with a professional to focus and listen to
what YOU want to achieve in life. I am completely focused on you and what
goals you want to reach and my job is only to help you reach your goals. My life
experience in major life events I list as examples allows me to help you as I've
walked in those shoes and I have the experience and compassion to guide you in
defining and overcoming obstacles so you can meet your chosen goals in life.
The most important skill any life coach can use is personal experience in major
life events as it would be very difficult to help someone if we could not relate to
the major life change a person is experiencing.

How many sessions will I need with a Life coach?

The amount of sessions you feel you need depends entirely on you and your
goals. Some people already have a defined goal and need coaching to reach it,
others may need more coaching to first define their goals and overcome
obstacles to reach them. Some clients still prefer to meet for a session
occasionally to redefine a goal or to brainstorm a new idea.  

If I have an event or function I must attend would you be available to go
with me?

Yes I will attend such an event with a client. Life Coaches are frequently asked
by clients to accompany them to events which may be important to a client for a
variety of reasons. Advance notice must be given and my event rate applies.  

My elderly mother is becoming less independent and I do not know how to
handle it. Is that a life change you can help me deal with?

Yes, this is a life event many people face at some point in their lives.I have years
of experience in this type of situation also and can discuss needs and options
with you to help you define a plan of which option is best for you and your mom
as goals can frequently change during these life events.  

What can I expect in my first session?

Our first session will be in my office in a relaxed environment where you will
explain your current situation and the obstacles you may be facing to reach your
goals in life. In our next session I will have prepared various options and courses
of action tailored specifically for your needs. We will discuss various ways and
means for you to proceed and we will continued to do so until your goals have
been achieved.  

I am recently divorced after a very long marriage and there are many
things Id like to do but I do not know what I can and cannot do first. Can
you help me decide?

Yes this is an area I help people with frequently. In a Major life change such as
divorce I can help you determine what your new goals are and put them in order
of importance to you and help you plan how to reach them.

I have recently lost my employment with my company and I would like to
explore self employment. Is that something you help people with?

Yes, I owned a successful business for over 25 years and I can help you explore
the options of self employment and discuss your new goals.

These are just a few common questions pertaining to life events I can help
you with and there are many other areas I cover. Please feel free to ask
questions at your first session with me also. 570-832-1050