Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD individual coaching sessions
PTSD is classified as an anxiety disorder and may develop after a person is
exposed to one or more traumatic events. PTSD is often closely linked to the
military but civilians can develop the disorder as well. As a life coach I have a
unique relationship with coaching a client with PTSD as I am a survivor of PTSD
myself. I have developed coaching models in combination with the coaching
model the Veteran Administration is currently using found at
If you have been diagnosed with PTSD you understand the disorder can be very
overwhelming and I strongly recommend beginning with professional mental
health experts such as a psychiatrist or psychologist to aid you in your recovery
from PTSD. If you have first received therapy from mental health professionals
and you are ready to move forward you may benefit from professional life
coaching. In my program for PTSD I encourage the client to focus on the
present and the future. Together coach and client form a partnership to
determine what the client would like to achieve in the future. I then have the
client begin to develop plans of action to achieve the goals they desire and we
take one step at a time to reach each goal. The focus of the program is always
each step is a step into the future to regain life skills, develop new ones and to
move forward into a healthy positive life. Coaching is a highly motivational
process with continued assessment of action plans to reach desired goals. If a
client is willing and ready to want to move forward coaching can be very
effective in overcoming PTSD. I know first hand the process of recovery takes
time but it is possible to make a full recovery if you are willing and ready to
move forward with your life. The willingness of the client is vital to the success
of the coaching program. Please call 570-832-1050 to schedule a
complimentary discovery session to see if coaching may be beneficial to you.