About Individual Life Coaching Sessions

After you make an appointment you will receive a free consultation with
Suzanne to discuss what challenges you are facing presently and what goals
you would like to reach. This is also called a discovery session so Suzanne  
can begin to determine your objectives and design the appropriate method to
help you achieve them.

In your following sessions Suzanne will assist you in determining plans of
action in various steps and helping you to assess your progress until you feel
you have reached your desired goals and success.

Suzanne emphasizes that the Life Coach experience be a positive one for her
clients always focusing on the present into the future. Each session is
completely focused on you the client and what your needs are at the time.
Unlike some other forms of therapy, life coaching is a partnership between
coach and client to support you and your objectives.  

The number of sessions the client requires is completely up to the client.
Some clients only require a few sessions to reach a very specific goal and
other clients may require coaching for a longer period for multiple goals or to
simply receive motivation and accountability in various areas or periods in
their lives.

Some of the reasons clients seek life coaching are difficulties in personal or
work related relationships, dealing with grief, seeking personal growth,
seeking help with a specific problem, to achieve a goal that seems out of
reach, to deal with transitions such a career change, relocation, retirement,
etc. , to discover life's purpose, to cope with a divorce or loss of a
relationship, to deal with anxiety and stress, to improve motivation, to
become self aware, to speak with someone who hears and understands them,
to develop self confidence and self esteem, to enhance lifestyle or quality of
life,to enhance potential, to grow spiritually, to develop strengths or talents,
to improve health, to lead a more fulfilling life and to develop inner peace,

If you are seeking growth or change in your life or you are faced with
obstacles or challenges that you feel are preventing you from moving forward
in your life, call for a complimentary consultation and see if a professional life
coach can assist you.  570-832-1050