About Group Coaching Sessions
There are a few topics in life where I feel coaching group support
sessions can be very useful to clients. Clients have common goals in
mind and I feel  that positive encouragement from other clients with
similar goals provides additional motivation to achieve common goals
which each group will determine. I limit group sizes to 6 clients at a time
and each group will have a fixed day and time each week to meet in my
office in a casual relaxed atmosphere. Most special group coaching
sessions will run for a specific period of time of 8 weeks. These are pay
as you go group sessions and a client may opt out at anytime or also
schedule additional individual sessions with me if they feel they'd like
additional coaching outside the group time. I design the group sessions
to be a positive fun experience for members to achieve individual goals.
In addition to group support coaching sessions held in my office there
will also be opportunities to join group travel and outdoor sessions
throughout the year with the focus on mind, body and spirit wellness
goals. Please go to the main menu to see what groups are currently
forming for specific topics and check this site often for upcoming group
wellness events.