Divorce and recovery support group coaching sessions for women!
2 Divorce and Recovery groups for women will begin in March on Fridays
afternoon sessions 1pm to 2:30pm and 6:30 to 8pm. The groups will run for
8 weeks and each session will be 25.00 per person. Please call 570-832-1050
to register which group time you are interested in attending.

About the Divorce and Recovery group for women

Divorce can be a very difficult time in a woman's life and the group goal of
this support group is focused on recovery and rebuilding after divorce. My
coaching models for this program will be focused on the present and the
future of the individuals within the group. Rediscovering old skills,
discovering new skills, determining new desires and goals, discussing
possible plans of action, brainstorming various tools and techniques, and
achieving goals. One on one coaching within the group as well as the
support of the group to provide motivation, rebuild self confidence and self
esteem, discovering what your new life purpose and goals may be through
self reflection to guide you through this major life change. As in all my
group coaching sessions I have designed this program to be a positive fun
experience for group members to assist them in moving forward to a
healthy happy future with a new perspective in mind, body and spirit.
Divorce and rebuilding can become very overwhelming and this is an option
to help you cope and move on to a bright future!